About Us

1021 Washington Rd, Newton

 Located in Newton, Kansas

The Genova Restaurant has been a welcome addition to the town of Newton Kansas and has in business since 2015. The restaurant was established and is one of Newton's best kept secrets.  

Genova was voted one of the top Twenty Restaurants in the state of Kansas and is featured on Trip Advisor.  Our busiest times are during the lunch and dinner hours but remain open all afternoon.

The Genova experience includes a quality meal cooked fresh from our kitchen just the way you order.

Genova offers in house specials and catering options for small and big events.

Genova also offers dishes that are gluten free and can create dishes for allergy sensitive diners.

Please note 
Since we are a family establishment and serve children, we choose not to serve adult beverages including beer or wine in our restaurant. If you would like to enjoy your favorite adult beverage with your meal, we recommend you order from our take out menu and enjoy them at home. Please do not bring your own into our restaurant.

Catering Policy
For large catering orders or advanced reservations for over 25 people....

Please call us to confirm your order or reservation 24 hours before your event or pick-up.

We are instigating this policy to be able to improve our catering services and better serve our customers during our peak times.  This also gives our customers a peace of mind that their catering and reservations are all set!


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